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“wineLAIR –
the private members
club for wine


The wineLAIR network is a
private, membership-based
wine community, blending
like-minded people,
purveyors, wine aficionados,
collectors, and novices eager
to evolve and broaden the
wine landscape. We aim to be
a gathering place that fosters
community in all forms, a
place where people can
connect on the ethos that
drives who we are, the
experiences we create, and
initiatives we join.

Reasons to join:

Enjoy an array of exquisite
winemaker’s dinners and tastings
throughout the year!

Exclusive Events

Host your guests in style in our
casual bar areas, lounges or
separate meeting spaces!

Premium hosting

Meet and mingle with
other wine lovers from
around the globe!

Enlarge your network

Store your wine under perfect
climatic conditions in your
personal wine locker!

Perfect wine storage

All wines stored at
wineLAIR are insured
against theft and other


Access all of our beautiful wineLAIR (US)
and wineBANK (Europe)
locations and enjoy our
international network!

All access members card

“In 2003 I had the idea to create an
exciting location that wine lovers
could access and explore day and
night, to store their wine, meet,
share their passion and experience
great events. After opening and
running the first wineBANK in my
hometown in Germany successfully I
decided to turn the idea into a
network of locations all over the
world. With several clubs up and
running in Europe we are now
coming to the US with wineLAIR. A
major step for us towards our vision
in shaping the world's leading wine

Christian ress
(Founder of winebank)
Wine Safe
Food service


  • Access with member’s card to wineLAIR Washington D.C. and all wineBANK locations in Europe
  • 1 wine locker with 52 Bordeaux bottle capacity
  • 2-8 member's cards (depending on membership level)
  • Access with 3-6 guests per card holder at a time (depending on membership level)
  • Exclusive access to member-only events
  • Priority access to rare wine purchases
  • Access to valet parking (additional cost may apply)

“Along with invites to private tastings and events,
U.S. club members are automatically granted access to
the brand’s 10 opulent locations across Germany
and Austria.”

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“There are many banks in Frankfurt, but none like the
wineBANK. You won’t find gold jewelry or cash in the
lockers here; as the name suggests, its safes contain
something much tastier but possibly just as valuable: wine.”

Handelsblatt logo

“A symbolic contribution to wine culture”

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9 locations

4 countries

1,900+ members


New Location: Washington D.C.