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About Us



“In 2003 I had the idea to create an
exciting location that wine lovers
could access and explore day and
night, to store their wine, meet,
share their passion and experience
great events. After opening and
running the first wineBANK in my
hometown in Germany successfully, I
decided to turn the idea into a
network of locations all over the
world. With several clubs up and
running in Europe we are now
coming to the US with wineLAIR. A
major step for us towards our vision
in shaping the world's leading wine

Christian Ress
(Founder of wineBANK)
Valet Parking
Valet Parking

The first wineBANK was founded in the German Rheingau wine region near Frankfurt in 2009. It has been the meeting place for wine lovers in central Europe ever since.

Over the years, the unique private members’ club concept has grown into a successful, international network with locations in Germany and Austria. The biggest advantage: Every member has access to all locations – in Europe even 24/7, 365 days a year – with their personal member’s card. They can enjoy wine with business partners and friends wherever they wish to!

In 2020, the concept is being introduced to the US. The brand is called wineLAIR in the States. The first wineLAIR club welcomes its guests and members in Washington D.C. The second one will be opening in Austin, Texas.

Every wineBANK or wineLAIR club has its own individual character. Architecture, site, design – the creative interplay between factors ensure that all guests can enjoy an exceptional and unique experience in every club.

Besides the co-founders Christian Ress, Steven Buttlar, Frank Klemm, Stefan Ress, Clemens von Eltz-Rübenach and Olivier Brun the international wine & spirits distributer Mack & Schühle has recently invested in the wineBANK Franchise.”

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Club manager: Stéphane Norbert
[email protected]
+1 512-983-3750

Media contacts:

Ashley Arias
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Stefanie Gans
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